FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccination: What we need to know?

As the COVID-19 vaccination is finally going to start in India, there are still doubts in our minds with regards to the efficacy and safety of vaccine and whether actually there is a need to get vaccinated. With so much information and misinformation being circulated on social media, it sometimes becomes difficult to separate facts

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Puberty talks with your kids….!!

  Kids are curious about bodies- their own bodies and other bodies. They start asking questions even when they are toddlers or preschoolers. Although it can be quite a daunting task and we can be stressed as a parent explaining the right answers for them but giving kids the right and timely information can help

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Tips for parents

Screen time in corona times

We have been discussing so many aspects of implications of corona in our kids lives be it their health, diet or physical activity. A very important aspect with regards to this is the screen exposure time due to ongoing online classes. Children with no regular device use outside of school are now spending hours more

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Immunity boosters in times of corona: fact or fad??

In these times of COVID, everybody is scared. Parents are rightly worried for their children in terms of their health and safety. Almost every parent that has visited my clinic asks me the same question: What should they give to boost the immunity of their child so that they don’t contract the infection? With crisis

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Lockdown maladies: Diary of a doctor in lockdown!!

Hi all…This is non medical post….. way too different from what i write in this blog, but this lockdown brought out the writer in me or maybe not….thats for you all to judge 🙂 This post is not for people who dont like doctors, bcoz obviously they are not going to like it, once they

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