Teaching them young- No difference !!

When Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce (aka Mommy rocket) broke Usain Bolt’s world record for being the fastest human being, everybody was cheering her…one person who was so happy and mesmerized with her speed (on being so fast) but still not so happy was my 9 yr old !!. As per him, how could she be

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Nutrition for your young champion !!

Got a sports crazy little one in your family? I have one!! My son is going to be 9 in a couple of months and we are blessed that he just loves physical activity. Most of his day is spent in various physical activities. He is a huge fan of Rafa, so tennis is an

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Poop problems- Part 1: Constipation in Children

Before you became a parent, you never really thought much about poop. But after becoming a parent now, you are so much into it that you can even discuss it over anytime, including meal time. We as pediatricians have many conversations with parents, about poop, the 2 major hot topics being constipation and potty training.

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The great color divide – so “Unfair”

  It was a routine day at my practice. One of the mom who had recently delivered and was blessed with a lovely girl child visited me for routine well baby check up. During the normal conversation, mother started feeling comfortable enough with me to share her personal turmoils and she suddenly asked “what can

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Complementary feeding-what to do and what not to do !!

  Your baby is growing nicely and has reached 5 to 6 months of age. She has started head holding and is sitting with some support. You notice that she makes chewing motions and observes you closely when you are chewing. This is the right time to introduce complementary feeding. We call it complementary because

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