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A New Beginning

“And suddenly you just know its time to start something new and trust the magic of  beginnings”

I am a simple mommy, like most of you. I had my share of dreams like most of you and I studied hard to fulfill them. And I was able to fulfill them. I became a pediatrician, because I love being with kids. Their bright smiles can light up any dark corners and their attitude towards life can bring hope even in gravest of situations. I  worked in pediatric critical care for a long time. Being a pediatrician, working day in and day out with kids, I thought managing a kid would be a piece of cake. But when I had my own baby ( yes, now I am a proud mommy to a very naughty 7 year old ), I was told to stop thinking like a doctor and think like a mommy. And over the years I realized that this was true. Despite knowing most of the things, doubts still creep up and I have the same concerns as any other parent would have. And every time a doctor is not available to address your concerns.

So here I am with my new venture “The Moppets Clinic”, where I aim to have Healthy Kids and Happy Kids and ultimately Happy mommies and daddies !!

I am not a writer in any sense, infact I even shun from writing. But in this age of social media, where everyone is an expert on everything, there are loads of incorrect information. So I decided that I would write something which is scientifically backed and is evidence based and on something which will always be close to my heart and I presume for most of you will be too…i.e. our kids. and thus this blog was formed.

This small write up is just a beginning to a long journey ahead. I look forward to support from all the mommies and daddies. Please share your concerns and comments regarding any day to day issues with your kids. I will be happy to address them. Also will keep on posting something relevant to you all. Till then ‘ciao’; happy parenting !!

Dr Garima | themoppetsclinic  🙂

P.S. The information shared on this site is medically correct however a visit to the doctor is advised in case of any illness.

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